The following listing provides details for all of our youth workshops. You can request workshops you'd like to schedule using the Youth Workshop Request form

*Those in italics are new workshops that are under development. They are not available at this time.

* All workshops are 45 minutes to an hour long unless otherwise noted.

Tier I Workshops: *Introductory workshops to topics surrounding healthy relationships and teen dating abuse.

Healthy Relationships 101: Participants will learn the building blocks of healthy relationships by identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors in a relationship, considering boundaries in relationships, and practicing healthy communication skills.

Consent and Coercion: The Ongoing Conversation. Addresses the meaning of consent and coercion and how to identify coercive messages. This workshop also explores the connection between healthy sexual behavior and safe relationships through discussions of boundaries and yellow lights (areas where lack of consent is not understood and/or times that consent is unclear).

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Relationships: This workshop will help youth learn and define language related to gender, sexuality, and identity. Participants will develop an understanding of their own gender and sexual identities, and how they can impact relationships.

Re(defining) Masculinity: Intersections of Healthy Relationships: Interactive activities will guide participants in discussing the messages they receive around masculinity. Workshop includes a discussion on how to challenge those messages and explore healthy masculinity, and how these messages affect relationships.

Female and Feminine Identities: Intersections of Healthy Relationships: Interactive activities guide discussions on the messages participants receive around what is expected of female and feminine identities. Participants will explore how these messages can limit self-expression and may lead to unhealthy relationship expectations and dynamics.

Teen Dating Violence 101: An introduction to Intimate Partner Violence (also called dating abuse, domestic violence and/or relationship abuse). This workshop covers the warning signs of an abusive relationship, the different types of abuse, and how to help a friend that may be experiencing abuse.

Tier II Workshops: *Participants should have received at least one Tier I workshop as these workshops build upon the introductory ones.

Heading in Different Directions: In this workshop, participants will explore how teens can engage in healthy break-up behaviors, develop healthy coping and self-care skills after a break-up, and understand when it is time to end a relationship. Participants will practice managing a break-up through healthy behaviors.

TECHnically Dating: Navigating a Healthy Relationship in a Tech World. This activity-based workshop explores how technology can impact relationships; discusses boundary-setting in relationships; and defines healthy, unhealthy, and abusive technological behaviors.  

Day One Jeopardy! An interactive game that quizzes youth on their knowledge of dating abuse, consent, gender, healthy relationships, and more!  

Current Conversations: An interactive discussion where participants will explore and analyze current portrayals of relationships in the media; including healthy, unhealthy and abusive behaviors. Participants will debunk unhealthy and abusive behaviors that are romanticized in mainstream media to make connections on how the messages affect current relationships experienced by youth.

Sexual Violence 101: Being an Upstander: This workshop defines language around sexual violence, addressing and challenging victim blaming, and gives participants the tools to help victims and survivors of sexual assault.

Sexual Violence Prevention in a College Setting (1 hour-1.5 hours): This workshop includes interactive activities that address the meanings of sexual assault and affirmative consent, helps foster recognition of coercive behaviors and words, and develops awareness around the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Information is also provided about Title IX and resources on a college campus where survivors of sexual assault can go for help.  

Teen Dating Abuse 201: A Peer Leader Training (1.5 hours): This workshop is meant for youth peer leaders in schools and organizations to offer a deeper understanding of teen dating abuse and further skills around supporting victims/survivors of dating abuse. Participants will define dating abuse, identify warning signs and forms of abuse, practice supporting peers, and understand barriers to leaving an abusive relationship.

Domestic Sex Trafficking (1 hour): Youth will debunk facts versus myths about domestic sex trafficking, think critically about the role of language and terminology in perpetrating those myths, and develop a deeper understanding between domestic sex trafficking and dating abuse.