Fact or Fiction

  • In order to be a sex trafficking survivor there has to be physical restraint, physical force or physical bondage.

Fiction. The federal definition of human trafficking states that trafficking is defined by the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Fraud does not entail physical force and coercion can be verbal or physical.

  • Sex trafficking survivors are only foreign born individuals from other countries.

Fiction. Contrary to popular belief human trafficking does not apply to only foreign born individuals. US citizens are also victimized.

  • In order for sex trafficking to be a crime there must be some form of travel, transportation or movement of the survivor across state or national borders.

Fiction. While some survivors of sex trafficking have been transported from state to state there are others who have not. Commercial sex acts using force, fraud or coercion make it sex trafficking regardless of whether the survivor was transported to another state or not.

  • If the young person was informed that they would be engaging in commercial sex, but they become forced to continue it cannot be sex trafficking or against their will because they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Fiction. Even if the young person initially consented to engaging in commercial sex, once there are elements of force, fraud or coercion then it becomes sex trafficking.