Survivor Stories

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I learned that a complicated relationship and an abusive relationship are different because in the second one, someone is controlling the other. Day One has helped me a lot—it's helped me take back a lot of the self-esteem I lost. It has been a voice to guide me back to the right path, but most of all, Michele my counselor, has helped me with all these things and more. When I come [to Day One], I actually have a voice and can express myself. I'm very grateful for the services I've received. 

- Corinne, 15

I feel really grateful for having met my counselor Michele. She's been really helpful with the situation I went through and my moving forward.

- Lina, 19

Michele (Day One social worker) is amazing and everyone I have encountered at Day One is extremely helpful. I'm really thankful for this organization. 

- Olivia, 16

Thank you for your kind words and for your efforts in our life. You (Ian Harris, staff attorney), Michele (and the Day One team) have meant so much to our healing.

- Bridgit, 15

I learned to have a better fundamental understanding of my own emotions and a greater courage to move forward. From beginning to ending, everyone I have been in contact with has been calm, understanding and supportive. I have always felt welcome and never judged.

- Abigail, 23

I would like to personally thank Michele Paolella (Day One social worker) and Ian Harris (Day One staff attorney) for being there for me to the fullest when I needed the support and going out of their way to help me go the right directions.

- Eva, 16

I wanted to thank Day One for all of the support and all of the hard work they put into my case. If it weren't for Day One, I wouldn't have any sort of protection from my ex-partner and I wouldn't have gotten out of this situation very sane. I really do appreciate Day One and I have them in my thoughts.

- Lisa, 19

He hit me so hard that I blanked out, but still managed to hold on to our two-year old daughter without letting her fall. That's when I knew I needed help. Day One helped me to get a final order of protection, full custody of my child and child support. I didn't think that I'd ever be in control of my own life. I feel as if I have a second chance.

- Tamara, 21

I often thought of leaving him, but didn't know where to turn. When he forced me to have sex in front of our daughter, and threatened to kill me if I ever left him, something inside me just told me to run. Day One helped me and my daughter find a Domestic Violence shelter and get an order of protection. I'm still scared, but now I know that help is available.

- Jasmine, 19

After he beat me, he drove me to the hospital and pretended to be such a caring boyfriend in front of the doctors. He lied and told them that I had been attacked by a stranger. When I looked in the mirror and saw the swelling and stitches, I found the courage to take our son and leave. We're still in the middle of court battles, but I have Day One on my side. I'm not alone.

- Vivian, 19

Ultimately,... it is a horrible situation to be in, but thank you for representing me, calming me down andhelping me to see the better route to take. I am happy it is over and will not let this occupy any more space in my mind than it already has.

- Jessica

Service Provider Testimonials


Amazing! You did an amazing job of setting this space and sharing information in a way that's accessible. Such a strong and inspiriting facilitator.

- Project SAFE!, Brooklyn

Excellent presentation on how the legal system addresses teen violence. Excellent description of the court system and the difficulties young adults face there.

Administration for Children's Services Conference (Moving Beyond Abuse: Envisioning Healthy Teen Relationships)

Thank you for giving your time and sincere effort to both listen to and educate our students. Your experience and opinions were powerful examples for them--directly affecting their potential for developing healthy relationships and effective communication skills…. Many seeds were indeed planted and this is exactly what we had hoped to accomplish. Thank you again for your important work.

- Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice, Brooklyn

I would like to thank you so much for coming to our school and providing our students with the relationship violence presentations. Many students have begun to talk about different experiences they have been exposed to due to the many behaviors associated with relationship and/or domestic abuse. I really think these presentations have opened up their minds and broadened their awareness. All of the staff as well as the supervisors from the Regional Office were highly impressed with the topic content as well as the wonderful way you present the information. It was extremely engaging and well-explained so our student population could relate.

- MS 399, Bronx

A highly informative and important discussion….We applaud your commitment and perseverance to educating and providing services to the community. BLSA learned so much about sexual harassment prevention and what the different forms of abuse entail, among other important issues. Your presentation also stirred up some ideas and encouraged us about what we as a student body can do to help our fellow peers and improve the safety of our college environment.

- Marymount Manhattan College, Black & Latino Association

Your presentation … was very informative and thought-provoking, and your one-on-one session with the our peers group was so beneficial and valuable. You have a terrific style and you really connected with the peers.

- TWISTED Peer Education Group, Safe Horizon

Your knowledge and experience had a powerful effect on our students – and they are the better for it.

- Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice

This workshop was excellent. Facilitator was very knowledgeable on the subject and was a good listener. Was very good in keeping the group engaged.

- Adlai Stevenson High School, YABC (Good Shepherds)

The presenter did an excellent job with a class that is typically "overly-energized." Her workshop was understandable, concise and informative.

- Hostos Lincoln Academy

Excellent Course--Students were very interactive with the speakers. They were highly interested and attentive. 

- MS 80

Excellent introduction to different forms of abuse.

- Bard Early College High School

Very useful – a lot of the students I taught seemed genuinely interested in the material.

- Cleary, Gottlieb, Stein & Hamilton