Rebecca Stahl, LCSW

Social Work Supervisor

As the Social Work Supervisor, Rebecca joined Day One in 2016 to provide clinical supervision to the social work program staff at Day One and oversee the implementation and development of the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) in seven high school across NYC.

 Rebecca earned her undergraduate degree in social work from New York University, where she first became interested in the intersections of clinical practice and systems change. She earned her Masters in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work, where she continued to explore the role of clinical social workers as agents of social change in her master’s thesis, Motivating Social Workers for Social Change, a qualitative study on supporting activist social workers. Her community organizing experience is primarily concerned with engaging social workers in struggles for racial equity and social justice.

 As a clinician, Rebecca is strong advocate who strives to provide youth and adults with access to information and services that support their self-determination and resiliency. Her career has focused on helping diverse populations heal from interpersonal and institutional trauma, including witnesses and survivors of intimate partner and gender-based violence, court-involved youth, immigrants, and homeless youth.

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