Nana Minder

Youth Educator

Nana Minder wears many hats as a queer performance artist, community organizer and youth educator. Her work is often surrounded around anti-violence, womanhood, blackness, queerness, liberation and healing. She has facilitated several workshops addressing community safety planning, identity formation, self-care & self-love, self-exploration & movement, healing the body and intention setting. Nana entered community organizing by serving as a member of the Safe OUTside the System collective under the Audre Lorde Project – addressing needs of LGBTQ people of color in NYC. She discovered her love for mentorship and youth education when serving as an Adviser for The Preparatory Component at Prep for Prep. Nana believes that young people should have more opportunities in their schools to explore their own identities, and learn methods of self-care, healing, safety planning and make informed decisions surrounding their needs.

Nana was raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and wants nothing less than to see her community survive and thrive. She believes that young femmes of color should have more access to methods of healing and ancestral histories. As a survivor, Nana is thrilled to be at Day One because it empowers young people with the tools and information to explore self-determination over their safety, relationships and bodies.

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