Michele Martinez



As a Paralegal at Day One, Michele assists Day One’s legal team, which uses the law to fight for young survivors and promote healthy relationships. Michele assists Day One’s attorneys in case preparations for legal proceedings, assists clients with obtaining information and documents necessary for their legal cases and accompanies clients to court.

Michele graduated from John Jay College and received her B.A in Forensic Psychology. Growing up in the neighborhood of Port Richmond, located in the North Shore of Staten Island, she witnessed the injustices that her community faced. Issues like police brutality, immigration and underfunded schools are issues that her neighborhood has and is still facing till this day. This motivated her to get more involved in her community.

Michele noticed that community members who were facing issues with institutions like ICE and prisons had a hard time understanding the legal system. This has motivated her in pursuing a career in the legal field. She aims to provide clients with clarity and preciseness to help them better understand the legal issues that they are facing. 

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