M Campbell, LMSW

RAPP Coordinator


M Campbell, LMSW, is a RAPP Coordinator at Day One. During the academic year M implements the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program at Essex Street Academy which includes: trauma-informed counseling, educational workshops for students, parents and staff, and the development of a peer leadership program to promote healthy relationships in the school community. In the summer months, M plans and facilitates an intensive peer leadership training program where young people gain knowledge and skills to be supportive peers and agents of social change in the movement to end intimate partner violence.

M is a community organizer, social worker, educator and racial equity facilitator and works towards justice, healing and collective liberation. M believes that the people most impacted are closest to the solutions. They work for and support sustainable, collective social transformation led by the people most impacted. M works primarily with communities of color, queer and trans youth, youth peer leadership both in the US and internationally, and has 6 years of experience in English language education in Turkmenistan and South Korea. M earned a master’s in social work from Columbia School of Social Work, where they currently teach Foundations of Social Work Practice: Decolonizing Social Work, Advocacy, and Community Organizing focusing on self-reflective anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices.

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