Kimberley Moore, LMSW

RAPP Coordinator

As a Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) Coordinator, Kimberley designs and delivers preventive and informative workshops to end intimate partner violence (IPV) among young people. Additionally, she provides young people experiencing IPV with school-based supportive clinical counselling and direct service support.

Kimberley earned her Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, with a dual major in Political Science and Sociology. Before and during her time there, she organized consistently with community and campus based initiatives for youth self-empowerment, racial justice, and gender equity. Later that year, she continued her community-based social justice work in Brazil, where she worked on a community development project using the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to support young organizers, ages 8 - 20, in the creation of their own community action plans. Kimberley went on to attend the Columbia School of Social Work where she earned her Master of Science in Social Work degree. There, she continued to build her capacity and fuel her passion for youth work, working with the New York City Department of Education. During her second year at Columbia, Kimberley worked with GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services in the Residential Department where she provided trauma-informed individual and group counselling, holistic case management support, and trauma-informed psycho-educational workshops to female identifying young people, ages 12 - 24, who had experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking. Her time working with GEMS reaffirmed for her the importance of promoting social-justice oriented prevention and healing work across micro, mezzo, and macro systems.

Kimberley was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in-between Toronto, and Kingston, Jamaica. She self-identifies as a Black feminist and grounds her research, direct practice and programming work in Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racist theory.