Youth Voices Network

The Youth Voices Network (YVN) unites survivors of youth dating abuse by creating opportunities for survivors to connect, speak about their experiences, and raise community-wide awareness of the issue – all while fostering personal growth and healing.

YVN is committed to building a safe and non-judgmental space for a diverse community of survivors of teen dating abuse, including individuals of any gender, race, class, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

Youth Voices members join a community of fellow survivors who are building their public speaking, advocacy and leadership skills by taking action against dating abuse. Member’s experiences have the potential to save lives by raising knowledge about domestic violence and resources for help. Their advocacy with legislators and leaders impacts attitudes and creates policy change. The Youth Voices Network is a Day One initiative that builds safer communities by linking survivors with at-risk youth.

To apply to be a member of YVN, please complete the Youth Voices Network Application Form.

In sharing my story, I have found strength and discovered my voice. My voice is now clear: I was a victim, I am a survivor; and everyone deserves the chance to be happy and healthy.
— Jean, 23

The Youth Voices Network raises awareness in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sharing personal stories of survival (anonymously or not ) with:

    • Youth/peers

    • Parents

    • Teachers

    • Government officials

    • Journalists and other media professionals

  • Strategizing to raise awareness of relationship abuse among youth through:

    • Public events

    • Outreach to organizations

    • Local and national media attention

By joining the Youth Voices Network, members can expect to:

  • Maintain open communication with program coordinator

  • Attend monthly meetings and occasional social events throughout the year

  • Join a community of fellow survivors who participate in peer social support

  • Engage at a level they feel most comfortable

  • Build public speaking and advocacy skills to speak out against dating abuse

  • Raise young people’s awareness of domestic violence and resources for help

  • Educate legislators, and influence leaders who make decisions on domestic violence laws.

Please contact the YVN Coordinator at with any questions or to request an application.

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