Jett Bachman

Youth Educator and Program Coordinator of the Elementary Prevention Initiative for Children (EPIC!)

Jett is the Youth Educator for the Elementary Prevention Initiative for Children (EPIC!). They develop and deliver interactive workshops to students in grades K - 5 in NYC public schools. These workshops provide students with foundational skills and tools to build healthy and safe relationships, healthy communication and consent culture. They also deliver workshops and webinars for caregivers, parents, and school staff of elementary-aged children.

Jett is inspired by children’s imaginative world-making powers and is thrilled to be working with young people to envision healthier futures by providing space for them to challenge the normative messages they have received around relationships, consent, communication, body autonomy, gender and sexuality.

Jett wrote their senior thesis in defense of K-12 consent education as violence prevention to complete their BA in Gender & Women’s Studies at Pomona College in California. Jett provided peer crisis counseling and safety planning support for survivors of sexual violence on campus, and served as an advocate for LGBTQ+ survivors through Title IX processes. They also developed consent education workshops for incoming students and trained new advocates to provide survivor support through an intersectional framework.

Outside of Day One, Jett organizes with Survived and Punished to free criminalized survivors of violence.

Jett was born, raised, and still lives in Brooklyn, NY where they are usually drawing, swimming, or reading queer sci-fi and fantasy comics.

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