Jack Skelton, LMSW

RAPP Coordinator

Pronouns: Ze/Zir/They/Them

As a Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) Coordinator, Jack provides support, community education and leadership training, and counseling to young adults at the High School for Service and Learning.

Jack is a community organizer and social worker with a background in anti-oppressive facilitation and training. Ze attended Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College (Masters of Social Work) and The University of Texas at Austin (Master of Arts in English). Jack has been working with young adults doing organizing and peer education work in New York since 2009. Prior to moving to New York, ze worked with college and high school students in Oberlin, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, around issues of school and community violence. 

Jack moved to NYC in 2009, where ze spent four years working at Streetwork Project, a homeless and street-involved youth program. Ze served as a youth advocate at both the overnight shelter program and as an outreach worker, before moving to the drop-in center to support young adults in applying for public benefits and housing. After leaving Streetwork Project in 2013, Jack worked with the Welfare Rights Initiative to educate individuals receiving public benefits on their rights and promote educational access and economic opportunities for all New Yorkers.

Born in Mississippi and having moved around the country throughout zir life, Jack considers Brooklyn home. Outside of zir work with Day One and RAPP, Jack organizes around LGBTQ homelessness and immigration issues. 

Jack is deeply invested in community empowerment and believes that each of us is the expert on our own needs and lives. Ze is excited to work with a program that prioritizes young adults' voices and follows their leadership on their and their peers' needs and experiences


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