Jack Skelton, LMSW

RAPP Coordinator

Pronouns: Ze/Zir/They/Them

Jack Skelton is a RAPP Coordinator at Day One. During the academic year, ze implements the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program at High School for Service & Learning which includes: trauma-informed counseling, educational workshops for students, parents and staff, and the development of a peer leadership program to promote healthy relationships in the school community. In the summer months, Jack plans and facilitates an intensive peer leadership training program where young people gain knowledge and skills to be supportive peers and agents of social change in the movement to end intimate partner violence.

Jack is a community organizer and social worker with a background in anti-oppressive facilitation and training. Ze attended Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College (Masters of Social Work) and The University of Texas at Austin (Master of Arts in English). Jack has been working with young adults doing organizing and peer education work in New York since 2009. Born in Mississippi and having moved around the country throughout zir life, Jack considers Brooklyn home. Outside of zir work with Day One and RAPP, Jack organizes around food justice. Jack is committed to building community empowerment and believes that each of us is the expert on our own needs and lives. Ze is excited to work with a program that prioritizes young adults' voices and follows their leadership.


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