Giselle Sanchez Huerta

Youth Educator

As a Youth Educator, Giselle works with high schools in their native New York to provide workshops on teen dating violence, healthy relationships, consent and coercion, and more.

Giselle seeks to interlace a critical race theory lens and indigenous anti-colonial values into their work as a Youth Educator.

Giselle is passionate about their work within intersectional immigrant POC communities, previously working to support ENL students across K-12, facilitating conversations on race,class and culture, and in mentoring high schoolers through social justice organizing, identity work, and self-reflection. They believe in the importance of discussing the historical violence Latinx femmes and all femmes of color face at institutional, cultural, and (inter/intra)personal levels, and focused their final college work on creating a conference centering marginalized Latinx femmes as community builders and shapers.

Outside of work, you can find Giselle praising the sky and their ancestors, practicing self-care and spiritual wellness, and connecting with folks through spaces of love as resilience.

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