Giselle Sanchez Huerta

Youth Leadership Development Coordinator

Giselle is the Youth Leadership Development Coordinator at Day One. They work in high schools, ACS Close to Home sites and within community based organizations throughout the 5 boroughs to deliver Day One’s educational and interactive workshops. These workshops provide students with foundational skills and tools to build healthy and safe relationships. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each site and engage a variety of learning styles. In addition to their work with students, Giselle also facilitates workshops for caregivers, school staff and other youth-serving professionals around supporting healthy relationship development in youth as well as link young people and families already experiencing intimate partner violence to direct assistance.

Giselle seeks to interlace critical race theory and indigenous anti-colonial values into their work as a Youth Educator.

Giselle is passionate about their work with young communities of color in their native New York. They have previously worked to support ENL students across K-12 schooling, facilitate conversations on race,class and culture, and mentor high school youth through social justice organizing, identity work, and purposeful self-reflection.

They believe in the importance of discussing the historical violence black and/or indigenous femmes of Latin-american descent/background face, as well as supporting said femmes as community builders/shapers and healers. Outside of work, you can find Giselle praising the sky and their ancestors, practicing self-care and spiritual wellness through eating delicious foods, and connecting with folks in spaces of love and resilience.

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