Why should you bring in Day One for youth workshops?

Day One’s youth workshops are youth-informed, non-judgmental, and inclusive.  They include a mixture of activities, lecture, and video, and are a time to brainstorm with peers about how to have healthy relationships, prevent dating abuse, and better support friends/survivors when they seek help.

Who are Day One’s youth workshops geared towards?

Anyone aged 24 and under! Day One’s youth workshops can be adjusted for participants’ backgrounds and experiences.  Day One Youth Educators have experience working with youth from a range of backgrounds and ages, both in school and in out of school settings.

How much does a youth workshop cost?

Day One operates on a sliding scale fee beginning with $200/workshop. Day One recognizes that exposing students to multiple workshops is most beneficial. To encourage scheduling unit blocks, 3 workshops are offered on a sliding scale fee of $350 (buy 2, get 1 FREE) and 5 workshops are offered on a sliding scale fee of $525 (buy 3, get 2 FREE). No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

How in advance should I request the workshop?

Please submit requests at least a month before the requested date. Workshops are taken on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you submit your requests, the higher the chance of availability for the dates you prefer.  

What technology will I need in order to host a Day One workshop?

When technology is available, Day One Educators may use Prezi for workshops. For an optimal training experience, we need the following technology: speakers, a hook-up between a computer and a projector/screen, and internet access. However, if your space does not have access to the technology mentioned above, trainers will need a board or large paper (such as Easel Pad) and markers.

What topics do the workshops cover?

Please see the descriptions of Day One’s workshops below.  In addition, workshops can be tailored to specific needs included in the workshop request.

How many workshops can Day One provide for our school or youth?

Day One Educators are able to offer a variety of options, from providing the same workshop to multiple groups to facilitating different workshops with the same group (on the same or different days). Educators can facilitate up to four workshops in one day with a break in between workshops. We recommend not scheduling workshops first period, they tend to start late or have missing participants.  

How many workshops does Day One recommend?

Day One recommends scheduling a unit block of at least three workshops with youth to ensure that they are being presented with the necessary tools to think about relationships in multiple areas of their lives.

How long are Day One’s workshops?

Our workshops are typically 45 minutes to an hour long in an effort to accommodate different schedules.  

How many participants should be in the workshop?

We ask for a minimum of at least 8-10 participants and a maximum of 40 students, allowing for greater participation during the workshop.

Should an adult remain in the room as the workshop is conducted?

Yes. In order to have a more productive conversation, it helps to have an adult in the room who has an established rapport with the students.  If Day One Educators regularly work with that same group of young people, the need for an adult to be present will likely decrease.

What is the role of the adult in the workshop?

As that adult has rapport with the young people and knows the established rules of the classroom, it is best that the adult take the lead on classroom management. Once the workshop is completed, the adult’s role is to reinforce the messages of the workshop and model those healthy behaviors.

What kind of details would be important for Day One Educators to know before conducting a workshop for you?

It is important for us to know whether the young people have any special needs and require any accommodations, use English as a second language, have any known prior experiences of trauma that may be brought up through the workshops, and whether there are any dating trends taking place. Our goal is to reach all of the young people in our workshops, and knowing these details helps us to better do so.

What should I expect after submitting my workshop request?

Your workshop request has been forwarded to our Community Education Team and you will be contacted by an educator. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.


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