Early Childhood Initiative

Equipped with over a decade of experience working with youth survivors and their peers to end abuse and intimate partner violence, Day One is expanding its violence prevention education to include students in grades K - 5.

The Early Childhood & Elementary Initiative provides workshops to students in grades K - 5, as well as the influential adults in their lives, through community partnerships with NYC public schools.  Our student workshops provide young people with the foundational skills and knowledge to build healthy and safe relationships throughout their lives. Our adult workshops provide educators and caregivers tools to support the young people they care about navigating relationships and building healthy communities. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each school or classroom community and include interactive activities that acknowledge a variety of learning styles.

Student workshop topics include:

  • Identifying Emotions and Practicing Empathy

  • Locating Strong Emotions and Practicing Mindfulness

  • Building Healthy Relationships and Being a Good Friend

  • Unpacking Gender Stereotypes in Relationships

  • LGBTQ Spectrum: Celebrating Ourselves, Supporting Our Friends

  • Media Literacy and Representation

  • Building Healthy Communities and Being an Upstander

  • Hurt Feelings and Apologies

  • Identifying Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics and Abuse

  • Setting Boundaries and Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

  • Healthy Selves, Mental Health and Long-Lasting Strong Emotions

  • Healthy Communities and Identifying Support Systems

Adult workshop topics include:

  • Modeling Consent and Supporting Bodily Autonomy for Children

  • Creating Consent Culture and Equity in the Classroom

  • Supporting LGBTQ Students and Families

  • Stereotypes and Impacts on Social Emotional and Development

  • Supporting Child Witnesses and Survivors of Violence

  • Stress Management and Practicing Mindfulness

If you have any questions about the Early Childhood & Elementary Initiative or our workshops please reach out to Jett Bachman at jbachman@dayoneny.org.