Amanda Reynoso-Palley, Esq. 

Staff Attorney

As a Staff Attorney, Amanda Reynoso-Palley advocates for young survivors of dating violence through direct representation in matters involving family law, immigration, school administration hearings, and criminal justice. Amanda began her career at Day One in the fall of 2016 as a Frank H.T. Rhodes Public Interest Law Fellow, her fellowship focused on ensuring that high schools addressed, prevented, and intervened appropriately when students experienced dating violence. The fellowship utilized litigation, education policy advocacy, and activism to amplify the voices of student survivors in New York City. As a Staff Attorney, Amanda continues the work of her fellowship while also representing clients who fall under Day One’s broader scope of legal services.  

Amanda grew up in California where she attended the University of California, Berkeley and majored in Latin American History. During college Amanda taught English to low-income Chilean high-school students, and wrote her thesis on education reform. After college, Amanda worked as a journalist covering stories on bullying, education, and youth violence. After interning at the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, where Amanda worked with immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence, Amanda decided to pursue a J.D. at Cornell Law School.

Throughout her law school career, Amanda became deeply involved in the anti-violence movement. Over the summer after her first year of law school, Amanda worked at the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant where she provided direct services to young immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence. In school, Amanda was a member of the Global Gender Justice Clinic and worked on projects aimed at reforming the military justice system to protect survivors of sexual assault and advancing local policy in Tompkins County surrounding survivor’s rights to safe employment. During the summer after her second year of law school, Amanda interned with the ACLU Women’s Rights Project where she fought against institutional discrimination by urging public schools to stop segregating classes by sex.


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