Every year we see more youth becoming advocates for healthy relationships. We see new leaders forming a generation that will end dating violence. Together, we are fighting for a future where love is safe and, as always, young people are showing us the way.”
— Stephanie Nilva, Executive Director and Founder

Day One is committed to generational change to end relationship violence.

We know that such a change requires real transformation in people and in relationships, in the systems that affect our lives, and in the cultures that shape them. We need that change to create communities in which healthy relationships are the norm. To make such a change possible, we focus on four interconnected areas. We stop the cycle with intervention and supportive services. We engage in prevention and awareness activities to lift up behaviors and cultures that embrace healthy relationships. We develop youth leaders to empower their communities and join us in advocacy and organizing to shape systems and policies to be more responsive to the health and well-being of young people. We create a new cycle of healthy relationships and the power to end abuse for the next generation.

And it all starts with a young person.

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