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Examining Consent and Coercion: Digital Consent


Digital Consent

The landscape of consent is evolving as the devices we use every day to access the internet collect more and more information about us. When we turn on our smartphones, we give consent to Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other companies to track where we go, who we're spending time with and what we care about. In the next couple of years, wearable devices will start to replace smartphones. Google's Project Glass, Apple's rumored iWatch, and the Samsung Gear Fit will change the way their owners interact with the world by collecting more data about them than ever before. This includes information about how fast your heart beats when you see the person you love, how long you stare at someone you've just met and where you've been spending every second of your time.



Examining Consent and Coercion: What is Consent?



Helping young people navigate the subtle abusive tactics of consent and coercion can be complex. This week, we're discussing the meaning of giving consent.


"If I like you, I have a right to kiss you (without your consent)." Many of us would be outraged to think someone can believe this. Such a statement might even shock the family of the 6 year old boy from Colorado who was recently suspended from school for sexual harassment infractions after kissing the hand of a female classmate.



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Examining Consent and Coercion: Sexting



Helping young people navigate the subtle abusive tactics of consent and coercion can be complex. This week, we're discussing sexting and when it exceeds consent.

At Day One, we recognize that young people use technology like smart phones, social media and computers to find information, connect with others and form community. The connections that young people make with others through text, instant message, and online postings are often engaging, genuine and, of course, intimate.

Some find value and connection in sharing intimate messages and pictures, commonly called Sexting.



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Examining Consent and Coercion: What is Coercion?



Helping young people navigate the subtle abusive tactics of consent and coercion can be complex.  Here's one story about how coercion can play out with tips for you on how to respond.

Claudia and Dennis met when they were both 16 and started to date after 4 months. Later in the year, while Dennis' parents were going through a difficult divorce, he became jealous and possessive of Claudia, wanting to know where she was and who she was with at all times. When Claudia tried to talk about Dennis' behavior with him, he would say he was in a bad place and that her talking negatively about their relationship would make him more depressed. One night, after an argumentabout Claudia doing homework at a classmate's house, Dennis told her that he would kill himself if he ever heard she was at another boy's house again. He said he was just too depressed and had too much going on to have to worry about her, too.



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Photos from Teens & Tech


Day One is thrilled so many of our supporters could join us on October 3rd at Teens & Tech: Day One's Benefit to End Dating Violence Among Youth  to honor Anne Glauber & Finn Partners and Tradeweb Markets LLC. John D. Olson, Managing Director-Investments at Merrill Lynch was also recognized for his service as Vice Chair & Treasurer of Day One's Board of Directors.

We presented two Youth Leadership Awards during the evening, and guests heard both young people share powerful stories of survival. Jenny spoke of the life-changing services she received from Day One's attorney and social worker. Emily read a powerful poem she wrote about her abuse and shared her experience having a judge mistakenly tell her she was ineligible to receive a Family Court protective order. Their stories moved our guests and introduced an impactful message about Day One's work. 

If you weren't able to attend, please consider making a donation in support of young survivors.

Read more to check out photos from the event. 



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